Pleasant Hill Baptist Church
Music Ministry

Music at PHBC is an instrument of ministry designed to enhance worship and heighten the worshipper's awareness of the presence of God and the purpose of the church.  While teaching and preaching of the Gospel of Christ is at the heart of our approach to the church's mission and ministry, music is a significant aid to worship.

Our primary mission is to magnify and glorify Jesus Christ in everything we do.  Committing ourselves to be vessels, led by God and to embrace the vision and direction God has given our Pastor.  It is our goal to aid in setting a spiritual pace and tone for the worship services.  We aim to get the congregation readied to receive the preached word.  The choir and musicians are charged to minister to the congregation at all services.  It is also our goal to train and develop talented members of the music ministry for service to enhance the music program at our church.


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